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About Canadian Expert Cleaning

We are a commercial cleaning company in Toronto, specializing in restaurant cleaning, office cleaning, warehouse cleaning, post-construction cleaning, steam cleaning, and deep cleaning.

We ran a separate company in BC from 2007. After gaining industry knowledge, Canadian Expert Cleaning Inc. was opened for business in August 2014 in Ontario. In BC, we operate all over the Vancouver lower mainland as well as Vancouver Island. One of our offices is in downtown Toronto while our head office is in Burlington, Ontario where we service areas from Niagara Falls to Whitby and up to Newmarket to the North. We currently hold contracts across several provinces.

Although we remain busy throughout the year, we have certainly noticed a spike in business during spring and fall. In Spring, it is due to the idea of “spring cleaning,” and in fall, everyone seems to want thorough cleaning before the holiday rush and arrival of the cold weather.

The Canadian Expert Cleaning Difference

We are one of the few companies providing commercial grade steam cleaning services, and the only company in Canada offering HEPA-filter, high-level vacuuming as well as specialized high-level vacuuming for combustible dust that is created by certain factories.

We are also one of the few companies that operate seven days a week, all year round. So, in case clients have emergency needs, they can reach us at any day and time. Besides, we have the labor force and tools to tackle any type of cleaning job possible. Our customer service, level of concern and commitment to detail are unmatched. We also stay on top of the best practices in the industry by educating ourselves on the specific industry regulations and standards.

What sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is that we offer detailed quoting. Our corporate culture is such that we are transparent and upfront with our pricing and do not state a random figure for a general scope of cleaning. All our cost estimates are as detailed as the cleaning services that we provide. Our clients repeatedly tell us that they chose us as they knew precisely what they were getting into. Moreover, our website displays hundreds of before and after pictures for you to see. Most sites use many stock photos of generic people wiping something sparkling clean. That is not our style. We openly show unclean before pictures along with our shining after pictures. This way it is easy for our prospective clients to trust us.

One of our most noteworthy accomplishments was when we provided nightly cleaning services to three of the top four highest grossing restaurants in the country. We clean approximately 510,000 sq. ft. per night just on nightly janitorial contracts which don’t include regular cleanings less than seven days a week, nor does it include the weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly services, nor the deep cleaning which we do on an average of three to five times per week. We cover over half a million square feet only in nightly janitorial contracts three-sixty-five days a year.

We believe there is no such thing as an average client and no matter what the case may be, we tailor a custom designed cleaning program to suit each client’s needs. The only thing typical is the expectation of cleanliness. Cleaning is binary. Things are either clean or not. We make things clean. There are no two ways about it.

We are in a state of advancement and on pace to be listed in the top fifty fastest growing companies in 2019 after increasing over 2000% from 2014 to 2018. We find ourselves continually evolving and seeking new technologies to improve our services. Whether it’s researching or going to trade shows around the world, we are always up to date with the latest industry trends. We are in the process of rolling out a proprietary application for Quality Assurance which has geo-login features for our staff. This means that the team can only sign in once on location. This unique app is a porthole which allows us to capture and deal with issues in real time as well as provide detailed audits for ourselves and our clients.

In 2019, we aim to cross five million dollars in annual revenue and the two years following that we intend to break ten million dollars in annual sales.

To reach such high goals, we are aware that we need a professional and capable workforce. From day one, we have only hired the best in the business. Presently, we have more than seventy-five employees, some of whom have been in the field for over twenty years. We usually hire people with a minimum of two to three years in the cleaning industry.

We also understand the importance of keeping our staff motivated. We pride ourselves in throwing an annual Christmas party, where we recognize everyone for their hard work over the year and award a select few for their exceptional work. We also host BBQ’s throughout the year with various groups of team members to work on team-building skills and celebrate achievements.

While we are passionate about what we do, we also care about protecting the environment. We follow the best practices with regards to green cleaning and disposal or recycling.

We also believe in giving back to society, and as part of that belief, we frequently work with charitable foundations to offer cleaning services well below our standard rates. Our owner is involved in volunteering and mentoring, and he was named the Big Brother of the year by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto. Our philosophy is simple; if we believe in a cause, we back it.

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