Ledges, beams, vents, speakers, and fans accumulate dirt over time. Since these objects are high-up and not easily reached, they are often overlooked during regular cleaning. With a little agitation, these dust particles then become airborne and can even trigger an allergic reaction. This can be prevented with a regular high-level cleaning service.

Unlike other cleaning companies we don’t just dust, we vacuum! Canadian Expert Cleaning is one of the few companies in Canada using a revolutionary high-level HEPA-filter vacuum to truly clean hard to reach areas. Our high-level vacuuming equipment also allows us to achieve great results, directly from the ground. Using a remote camera and video display, we eliminate the need for costly and unsafe scissor lifts.

Dusting is ineffective, and simply knocks dust into the air, allowing it to re-settle on other lower surfaces. Our high-level vacuuming service removes the dirt, dust, and contaminants, eliminating it for good! High-level cleaning is also important for compliance, as dust and dirt removal is a commonly checked item during health inspections. Falling dirt and debris can even affect your production lines and machinery, creating issues with downtime and quality control. Our high-level dusting service can help you avoid such disasters and mitigate any potential risks by removing high-level dirt and dust before it’s too late.

Our high-level service covers an ample amount of things, including electrical conduit, duct work, equipment, platforms, enclosures, water lines, racks and shelves, fans & lighting fixtures, roof trusses, and more.

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